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Thriving Singer

Study Voice with An Enthusiastic Teacher

Based in Los Angeles, California, Thriving Singer is led by Tania Solomon. Tania is passionate about teaching singing, and her devotion shows in her students. With more than 35 years of experience as an opera singer, Tania has an impeccable technique. She has trained with the best and loves to share her knowledge.  Tania provides a safe, nurturing environment for singers of all levels- beginner to pro.  She has 30 years experience teaching all styles of music and students of all ages.

Get ready to improve by leaps and bounds:

    • Tuning / Pitch Accuracy
    • Posture 
    • Range
    • Registration / Mix
    • Breathing
    • Support
    • Expression / Artistry
    • Acting
    • Song /Key Selection
    • Mindset / Attitude / Confidence

What Students Are Saying

Want to be a Better Singer?

Tania has created a fun and nurturing learning environment. Your singing will improve by leaps and bounds! 

Tania teaches all levels and styles of singing including pop, rock, jazz, and opera. Tania's students are:

  • Touring Internationally
  • Participating in National Singing Competitions
  • Singing for Films 
  • Attending Prestigious Training Programs
  • Singing Leads in Musical Theater Productions
  • Starring in Disney Productions
  • Singing for Audio Books

Want to Enjoy Singing?

Train in a nurturing, safe environment while acquiring concrete tools to improve your singing.  Weekly 50-minute lessons are fun and productive.  Please contact to check availability or reserve your spot on the waitlist.  Choose from online lessons or in-person.

Thriving Singer

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